Family Mini bundle

Creative photo series about the whole family, together and solo as well. For two adults and a child, grandparents are not included.
Family: Mini bundle

Bundle contents:
8 retouched pictures photos together and separately as well appr. 80-100 exposures photos in one type of cloth and background

Retouching additional photos: 1,000.- HUF/pcs. Digital slide show with music: 6,000.- HUF Weekend surcharge: 5,000.- HUF Photobook, dep. on size: 7,000-20,000.- HUF Onsite surcharge: 5,000.- HUF Girl hairstyle: 1,500.- HUF/fő Makeup and hairstyle for the mother: 7,000.- HUF Makeup and hairstyle onsite: 8,000.- HUF

The prices include photo shooting in our studio, only on provided dates, when family shootings follow each other in fixed time slots. If you would like to choose the date or the place, please ask for special price. In case you need the photos be ready by a special occasion/date, please let us know in advance.

Bundle price

29,000.- HUF