Woman Wonder Dream bundle

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A casual, girly, self-confidence improving program with photo shooting, lasts approx. 100-110 minutes.

Woman Wonder: Dream bundle

Bundle contents:
professional makeup usage of our wardrobe 3 types of hairstyle (curling, ironing, pining) photos in three types of clothes and hairstyles 12 retouched pictures varied backgrounds eye makeup strengthening, stylization to the suit appr. 130-160 exposures

Retouching additional photos: 1,000.- HUF/pcs. Digital slide show with music: 8,000.- HUF Weekend surcharge: 5,000.- HUF Photobook, dep. on size: 7,000-20,000.- HUF

An individual program, you are the only customer who is present in the Studio at a time. Gift voucher is available.

Bundle price

64,900.- HUF