Woman Wonder Plus bundle

A casual, girly, self-confidence improving program with photo shooting, lasts approx. 70-100 minutes.
Woman Wonder: Plus bundle

Bundle contents:
professional makeup usage of our wardrobe 3 types of hairstyle (curling, ironing, pining) photos in three types of clothes and hairstyles approx. 130-140 exposures 8 retouched pictures varied backgrounds

Retouching additional photos: 1,000.- HUF/pcs. Digital slide show with music: 8,000.- HUF Weekend surcharge: 5,000.- HUF Photobook, dep. on size: 7,000-20,000.- HUF

A group program, which is available on certain days of the week, when we serve multiple customers after each other, therefore more than one woman is present in the studio at the same time, however one professional only deals with solely one customer at a time. Gift voucher is available.

Bundle price

42,900.- HUF