Newborn Manó Plus otthon bundle

Have us made beautiful photos of your newborn baby and yourself in your own home!
Newborn: Manó Plus otthon bundle

Bundle contents:
photos in baskets, in bed, w/ other accessories photos in 3 different settings 25 retouched pictures approx. 250 exposures photos with parent(s) (+1 setting)

Retouching additional photos: 1,000.- HUF/pcs. Digital slide show with music: 8,000.- HUF Photobook, dep. on size: 7,000-20,000.- HUF Onsite makeup and hairstyle for the mother: 14,000.- HUF Makeup only for the mother onsite: 7,000.- HUF Weekend surcharge: 5,000.- HUF

Same as the Manó Plus budle, but in the baby's home. It includes the photos of the baby and the parent(s) as well. Some of our accessories we can take. Outside of Budapest we charge for the fuel cost.

Bundle price

50,000.- HUF