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It is difficult to tell, depends on the actual person. Someone's hair is ready in 10 minutes, someone needs 40 minutes for the same. Generally talking Mini package: 1-1,5 hours, Standard package: 2 hours, Plus package: 2,5-3 hours, Álomnő package: 3,5 hours, Álomnő extra package: 5 hours, Álomnő luxus package: 6 hours.

Please take no more than 1-2 friends, mother, daughter to the photo shooting (bachelorette parties, when 6-8 girls accompany a bride should be announced in advance). We ask you do not take sons, men, because then other ladies at the studio cannot be relaxed. Despite you will dress in a separate room, the photo shooting is done in a big room, sometimes in underwear, so it is completely unthinkable, that this can be done in a relaxed manner while someone's husband, boyfriend, older son is around and watching. We welcome babies, small kids, please take someone who will take care of them while you are busy. We have some toys, plush as we make children photography as well. If you want pictures together with your husband, boyfriend, son, they can join for a couple of minutes (we usually can tell at the start of the makeup, what time they should come back), but they should not wait in the studio for the whole duration of the program.

Despite we have a big wardrobe, please bring your 3-4 favourite clothes (we will use one-two-three types of clothes depending on the selected bundle, they can be chosen among yours or ours), bring matching shoes, boots, auxiliaries, belts, scarfs. While the photos can be loose, casual, we would be glad if you bring some pretty, a bit elegant clothes as these look nice on the photos. Please avoid black clothes if possible as they look different on photos than in real life, they could be sombre and makes you look older. Also important, that bring matching underwear as well. We have a plenty of clothes, shoes, auxiliaries, so you can choose those as well. Upon request we also can take more sexy (underwear, perianth) photos, if interested, please let us know it in advance so that we can take it into account while making your hairstyle.

One day before the photo shooting or that morning please wash your hair, but do not do anything more with it. While our hairdresser will curling, ironing, pining it (which is best for you) she also will advise you about possible changes in length, colour, etc. If really necessary we can do small adjustments, like cutting bangs, but complete haircut, colouring, etc. service is not available.

We have one request regarding the makeup. Please arrive with no any makeup on your face. One day before the photo shooting and on its day as well, please drink a lot (the best is the clear water), so that your makeup will be as durable as possible. During making the makeup our makeup artist will explain what colours are best fit your face, what should be emphasised and what should be not on your workaday makeup. In order to make the best out of your day, we are making a special makeup for the photo shooting, which can be different compared to an everyday makeup.

We take, depending on the selected bundle, approximately 50-200 exposures. Please bring an empty PEN-DRIVE with at least 4 Gb of capacity, so that you can take all photos home immediately. At the end of the photo shooting I will copy all the photos to your pen-drive. In case of missing pen-drive, I will upload the pictures onto a cloud drive on the internet, you will be able to download them from there. At home, even after consulting with your loved ones, you can select the best photos for retouching. Please send me only the names (sequence numbers) of the selected pictures to the e-mail address I will e-mail you back the retouched pictures in 3-4 weeks. The number of retouched pictures depend on the selected bundle. If you need more pictures to be retouched, you can oder additional pictures for 1.000 HUF/piece. We don't need to meet, you can order them by e-mail, wire the price and I will e-mail you the additional retouched photos.

The draft photos are not allowed to be used on public media, so you cannot upload them onto Facebook or any other publicly accessible web site nor can be used in any publication (newspaper, magazine, book, portfolio, etc.) These draft pictures are allowed to be used solely for private/family purpose and allowed to be appeared only on non-public places (privately accessed web site, family photo album, etc.) The retouched pictures can be publicly used (like Facebook), but I reserve the copyright. For business usage my prior permission and agreement is required. We also will use your photos only if you agree.

Photos of Nővarázsoló Műhely reflect the unique style of Pintácsi Viki. The style includes post-processing: the level she softens, filters the photos. We kindly request the following: If you would like to get more natural-like (less retouched) or, controversely, more magazine-like (softer and stronger post-processed) photos, please let us know that in advance. Latest by the time you send us the picture numbers to be retouched. We will not change the post-processed images afterwards.
The aim of the program is to show you, in a couple of girly hours, which attribute of your face/body should you emphasise (and how), or how to make the possibly not that advantageous parts optically more appealing using professional makeup, dress, hairstyle, etc. Who starts feeling good inside, starts accepting herself - including her so-called deficiencies - will start to shine at once and will be beautiful.
Do not expect anything rigorous, full of expectations. I know that there are people who are a bit afraid of photo shooting and do not know what to expect. I promise you, there will not be anything makes you feel uncomfortable as the whole program is to You and for You! Basically it is a very relaxed, happy, girly program and you will not be forced to do anything what you would not like to do :-)